Drug Development Support

We support companies that develop a wide array of drug formulations:
  • Sterile Parenteral Injectables
    • Ready-to-Use​ and Lyophilized
    • Solution, Emulsion, Suspension, Complex formulations such as liposomes/micelles
  • Oral - Liquids, Tablets, Capsules
  • Topical - Creams, Ointments
  • Trans Dermal - Patches, Iontophoretic Delivery
  • Combination Proucts, i.e. drug + device
We help with:
  • API Sourcing Support
  • Understanding controlled/Scheduled Substances/ DEA Licensing Requirements
  • Formulation challenges (Drugs With High Barriers To Entry, Patent Circumventing, etc.)
  • Advise on Analytical Methods & Characterization
  • CDMO/CMO Sourcing & Qualification/Audit

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