Mergers & Acquisition Support

We believe that it is critical to identify weaknesses and risks hidden within the acquisition target as early as possible. We can help with:​
Due Diligence
  • Are you concerned if there are biases favoring information that supports a company’s preconceived opinions before acquisition? Do you need help to uncover critical issues due to difficulties/delays in obtaining information? 
  • We can establish a focused plan with defined activities and clear communication of responsibilities. We can establish a central contact point and a detailed issue tracking system to resolve issues quickly and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
Day 1
  • We can help develop a detailed plan of key activities to complete after the deal closes. Develop a comprehensive communication plan, including scripted messages for each stakeholder group. Utilize a cross-functional Day 1 team that works together until all activities have been completed.

We Help Companies Grow By Supporting Their M&A Efforts:

  • Are you concerned about priority of implementation activities?  About failure to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the integration process? 
  • ​We can treat the integration work like a portfolio of projects. Release projects in waves based on priorities and capacity. Use a common set of project management best practices for every project. Establish a cross-functional team with representatives from both organizations. Develop a comprehensive and realistic schedule for each project; continuously monitor progress for slippage, intervening as required. 

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