Commercial Portfolio Management



Revitalizing Your Commercial Portfolio: How Repurposing Underperforming Products Might Be An Option

We help companies with commercial products compete effectively in the market and stay ahead of competition:
We believe that the processes and tools that drive a companies commercial portfolio strategy should be rooted in an understanding of the company’s strategic priorities, the products’ economic and clinical value, and target market dynamics.
Organizations need to incorporate economic and clinical value into their considerations early on. There are many considerations organizations should address such as "Should We"
  • Leverage an intrinsic core competency the organization already possesses
  • Focus on development of products that can be sold/distributed utilizing current distribution networks and sales force rather than needing to establish new ones
  • Leverage and build on a single backbone product in a particular disease and/or in combinations with new products coming off the R&D pipeline
  • Focus on “new generation” versions of a single backbone product in particular disease type and later, in combinations with new products
  • Emphasize building out a complete line of product offerings within a given therapeutic area
  • Achieve dominant market position in one or multiple therapeutic areas or via leveraging a technology platform
  • Emphasize product "Life Cycle" management, i.e., augmentation to keep product relevant in the market place
Let us help you 
  • Decide if you have the right assets (products, pipeline) to drive sustainable business growth? 
  • Understand what risks your portfolio may face? (Loss of Exclusivity, Life Cycle Management, Competitor Launches?)

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